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We offer affordable & reliable building inspection services. Striving to provide useful information for clients to make informed decisions.

About Us

The company

ProperlyConstructed™ is novel venture introduced to the Sri Lankan market by Epsilon Crest Group. ProperlyConstructed™ provides high quality home inspection service to examin the condition and the safety of real estate properties.

We at ProperlyConstructed™ help our clients to assess and to understand & know the condition of their valuable property. We believe that it's important to communicate and work directly with the client to ensure that they understand what was inspected in their home & next steps.Finding a defect isn’t last stop. We want you to understand the defect & it’s impact on the property.

Our job is to make sure the client understands all the aspects of the inspection process, & we do not stop there. Should you have any questions or concerns after the report, you are encouraged to give us a call & we will provide you with an explanation of the report & options to assist you in making a confident decision about your property. Even after the inspection is done, We are here for you to make sure your property is ProperlyConstructed™.

We believe our service should be excellent & pricing should be simple! We avoid the unnecessary fees c & focus on a simple pricing structure based on the requirement. Not only that, but every inspection comes with high quality service inspection. We do it right, simple.

It's important to take precautions to improve safety of your home. Isn't it?

Your home is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it’s important to understand the condition of your investment. Let us do a proper inpection to check whether it's ProperlyConstructed™ and provide you a report you can rely on to make a confident decision. We follow a comprehensive standard of practice, which ensures that you receive a detailed and accurate home inspection.

Preferred Choice

ProperlyConstructed™ is the preferred choice for home inspection among our clients. Our knowledge, efficiency, & reputation set us apart from others, while our unbiased, accurate & reliable inspections enable to be trusted service across Sri Lanka.

Highest Standard

ProperlyConstructed™ undergoes with rigorous training and adhere to all inductrial proven procedural guidelines. We make it a point to ensure each of our home inspection fully align with ProperlyConstructed™ ethical standards. Our culture is to strive forward with honesty, transparency & proper work.

Expert Reporting

You know you are receiving the best home inspection with the extensive training ProperlyConstructed™ goes through.With our full-fledged reporting services, & you have the very best around. At the end of your home inspection, ProperlyConstructed™ will provide you with a full report, complete with photos, & includes objective observations which capture the conditions of the home.

Structural Inspection

A structural inspection is a full detailed report on the condition and method of the structural integrity of a property, which identifies any repairs that you would need to make or severe defects. A general structural inspection focuses on the foundations, walls, roof, and other structural aspects of the building, and it will be useful for to get detailed information about the condition of the building. Our structural inspections allow the property owner to take advantage of our expertise by allowing us to inspect and evaluate the structural conditions that are of concern. We approach each and every situation in a manner that brings forth many decades of structural engineering experience to assist the homeowner and resolve their issues.

  • Building cracks
  • Beams and columns
  • Foundation walls
  • Floor and slabs
  • Doors/windows

Validate the structural integrity of a building or structure

Interior Inspection

An interior inspection is an inspection inside a residence (single family or multi-unit) or a commercial structure to discover any substandard conditions that would require correction or repair. It is more focused of examining the condition of every visual elements of a house or property including walls, ceiling, doors, windows and etc.

  • Wall cracks
  • Doors and windows
  • Ceiling
  • Floors/tiling
  • Stairs and handrails

Thorough inspection of your home's visual elements

Electrical Inspection

An electrical inspection refers to the thorough checkup of the electrical connections and wiring installed in your home.All electrical installations deteriorate with age and use. They should therefore be inspected and tested at regular intervals to check whether they are in a satisfactory condition for continued use. It is a must for every household to ensure the safety and security of the habitants.

  • Grounding equipment
  • Electrical distribution
  • Wiring material
  • Switches & Fixtures
  • Electrical outlets
  • General wiring issues

Comprehensive review and checkup of the electrical connections and wiring

Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing inspection is a systematic process of assessing the critical areas of the plumbing system of a property. It is performed by certified plumbers to avoid the risk of pipe corrosion, clogs, leaks, and burst tubes that can cause flooding and property damage.Plumbing inspections are an essential part of your home’s regular maintenance plan.

  • Pipe condition
  • Pipes & Sinks
  • Drainage system
  • Sewerae system
  • Presure testing
  • General issues

Evaluate and assess the condition of the plumbing system of a property

Roof Inspection

Roof inspections are simply inspections that determine the integrity of a roof, how long it may last, and when it will need to be replaced.Constant weather shifts can cause water to accumulate in the wooden beams and the walls, which can leave the roof structurally unstable. In addition, mold can grow and insulation can suffer damage, both of which will directly affect your health.All roof inspections should be regular, but there’s no need to do it overly frequently. The best time to arrange for an inspection is once every year.

  • General issues
  • Pipes and water distribution
  • Roof frames
  • Insulation

Your roof is its first line of defense against extreme weather

Ventilation Inspection

Good indoor air quality is important for our health. A ventilation inspection is the analysis and checkup of the home, business, or industrial ventilation system that provides forced air heating, cooling, and/or air exchange through mechanical ventilation systems. The purpose of ventilation inspections is to ensure the safety and health of occupants in a building, as well as the good keeping of the HVAC system. Neglected or compromised ventilation in one way or another can lead to multiple comfort issues in the indoor air quality or HVAC performance.

  • Ventilation and air quality
  • Air conditioning units
  • Duct work inspection

Well-functioning ventilation is a prerequisite for good indoor climate

Construction Consultancy and Independent Quality Control

Associate services

Apart from inspection services, We offer services in associate disciplinaries such as Electrical engineering consultancy ,Structural engineering consultancy, Mechanical engineering consultancy, Quantity survey services and project management selected from a handful of well qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in their own fields.

Check more details by clicking on the respective construction phase

Not limited to above services, With our sister companies we offer design and build solutions as well. So it will be a total solution for your all construction needs.

Feasibility Phase

Preparation of preliminary feasibility study of the project including the following :

a) Analysing the project brief.
b) Analysing the probable site and location studies.
c) Analysing the requirement of services such as water, electricity, gas etc.
d) Analysing site in relation to requirements and function.
e) Preparation of initial area concept in line diagram or Master concept.
f) Preparation of an opinion of probable cost.
g) Advising client on the need to obtain planning approval of the development proposals.
h) Preparation of documents necessary for outline planning approvals and follow-up action with relevant authorities.

Type of Building Contracts:

Presentation of the available options and providing recommendations to the Client for required type of Contracts for the best performance of the project.

Selection and Engagement of Consultants:

Advise the Client on the need of other Consultants and the procedure for the engagement of them including.
a) Selection of Consultants.
b) Establishing Conditions of Engagement.
c) Establishing scope of service and fees.
d) Engagement of such Consultants.
Schematic Design Phase
(a) Ascertaining requirements and constraints of the works based on client’s instructions and confirming Architect’s decisions to Client.
(b) Preparation of preliminary Sketch Design to interpret the design requirements.
(c) Preparing Preliminary Estimate of the probable construction cost.
Design Development Phase
a) With the other Consultants, if applicable decide on the type of construction, quality of materials and standards of workmanship.
(b) With the other Consultants, where applicable obtain approximate quotations, information on materials, test, investigations necessary to prepare a project estimate based on approximate quantities.
(c) Prepare and submit revised estimate to client and advise the client of the consequences of any subsequent changes on the cost and programme.
(d) Obtain client’s approval for type of construction, finishing material to be used, type of contract to be used, types of sub-contracts to be used for structural, mechanical and electrical systems to be used in the project.
Constructon document Phase
(a) Preparing full set of Architectural Working Drawings.
(b) Co-ordination of working Drawings of other Consultants, where applicable.
(c) Preparation of schedules and specifications and co-ordinating work of other Consultants.
(d) Assist the Quantity Surveyor to prepare Bill of Quantities necessary for the tender. Compile and co-ordinate the B.O.Q’s.
(e) Preparing and/or obtaining all documents necessary for calling tenders such as ; Full set of working drawings; Schedules Specifications; Pricing Preambles Bills of Quantities ; Instructions and Conditions of Tender ; General Conditions & Particular Conditions of Contract ; Warranties/Guarantees ; Instructions on Supervision of Works.
(f) Submission of full set of above documents for Client’s approval.
(g) Submission of priced copy of Bills of Quantities and advice Client of any adjustments to previous statement of probable construction cost.
Bidding or Negotioating Phase
(a) Obtain approval of the Client for the type of Tender procedure to be followed.
(b) Invite on behalf of Client, Tenders for the project, based on the type of tender approved by the Client.
(c) Conduct pre-tender meetings, answer queries and advise client and tenderers on all technical and procedural matters during Tender.
(d) Advise and attend to the closing and opening of tenders.
(e) Evaluate the tenders and submit report and recommendations to client.
(f) Assist the client to select a Contractor including negotiations with tenderers, if necessary, to finalise the Contract.
(g) Advice the Client on issue of Letter of Acceptance and Award of Contract by providing a suitable draft letter.
(h) Arrange contract documents for the signing of the Contract by the Client and the Contractor.
(i) Arrange to hand over the site and the relevant document to the Contractor.
(j) Review and finalise the programme and other instructions.
Construction Phase
(a) Accepting the responsibility and exercising the authority as conferred upon the Architect by the Client and performing the functions as the Architect in respect of the Building Contract as set out in the General Conditions of the Building Contract.
(b) Providing all necessary information with the help of other Consultants where applicable and issuing instructions to the building contractor to enable the building contractor to proceed with the works.
(c) Examining the work programme from time to time and advise both Client and Contractor to fulfill their responsibilities to complete the project within the contract period.
(d) With other Consultants where applicable make periodic inspection of the works as provided in the “Schedule of Service” herein and conducting progress review meetings and issuing reports and Payment Certificates as required under building contract.
(e) On completion of the building to a state reasonably satisfactory for occupation in the opinion of the Architect, arrange the Contractor to hand over the building to the owner and issue the Certificate of Practical Completion.
(f) Arrange to test all the systems installed and arrange to hand over test reports, and any other document needed as per Conditions of building Contract.
Maintenance Phase
a) Prepare a maintenance manual of services and plants with the help of contractors involved. (b) Advise regarding service arrangements on equipment and services.
(c) Advice regarding maintenance programmes for the Buildings and Built-Environment.
(d). Arrange the Specialist Contractors to train the Client’s Staff to operate the systems and plants.
(e) Review the Warranties and Guarantees and hand over such documents to Client.
(f) Carry out any inspections needed during the Defects Liability Period and prepare a list of items to be attended to by the contractors, and arrange such defects to be rectified by the respective contractors.
(g) Upon completion of the Defect Liability Period issue the Final Certificate.

Do you know?

With independent quality control services you can get a fair and unbiased view. This helps in meeting your expectations, as it leads to more efficient and realistic project management.

Rs 10,000


This is ideal for small homes and properties to get an idea about the structure. We will provide you a basic report about your property after an inspection.
- Structural inspection
Rs 20,000


This is the best solution for homes to check the property is properly constructed. You will be provided with a more detailed report covering many aspects of the property.
- Structural Inspection
- Interior Inspection
- Electrical Inspection
Rs 40,000


Anyone who wants to get a detailed report of all the aspects of a houese, This is the best match for them. We will inspect your proporty more carefully with our experts and will provide a improvement plan as well.
- Structural Inspection
- Interior Inspection
- Electrical Inspection
- Roof Inspection
- Ventilation Inspection

Rs.100,000 ++

This is the most suitable option for,
Commercail buidlings
which are looking for regular inspections.We will provide more customized and convenient solutions according to your requirement. for more details,

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